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Let’s Talk Essential Phospholipids (EPLs)

You may not have heard of Essential Phospholipids but they play a crucial role in our cellular wellbeing. Supplement your diet with Essentiale Extreme for a positive effect on your health.

Essential what?… you might ask… It’s not always easy to navigate the minefield of human biology to know what our bodies require, and how much of it. Thankfully, supplements like Essentiale Extreme take the hard work out of knowing exactly what we need to complement our diets.

What are essential phospholipids or EPLs?

Simply put, the cell membrane is the protective barrier around every cell in our body. The membrane is made up of EPLs, as are many of the structures inside the cell 3 pg 99. These EPL building blocks are therefore key for our optimal cellular health and wellbeing . 5 pg1

Among their many benefits, EPLs accelerate liver cell regeneration and stabilisation 6pg 2, aid in lipid / fat metabolism, have a role in bile synthesis 2 pg75, and assist in the movement of molecules in and out of the cell 3 pg99. They are also closely involved with energy production 1 pg 3, influence blood-clotting 3 pg 26, and facilitate cholesterol removal from the body 3 pg 23. EPLs are also potent anti-oxidants 5pg3.

The cells in our body are under constant attack from free radicals, pathogens (organisms causing disease) and toxins 1pg 2 For a positive effect on our cellular health, EPLs need to be replaced.4 pg3A typical Western diet either doesn’t contain enough EPLs or it consists of the wrong type of EPLs 7 pg 13.

Supplementing our bodies with sufficient quantities of EPLs have numerous wellbeing-enhancing benefits and could be very helpful in improving a great variety of health conditions 4 pg 3. EPLs have been shown to be beneficial in liver disease, cholesterol control and diabetes 3,4.

Essentiale Extreme contains 300 mg of EPLs per capsule. The highest dose per capsule on the market 8. EPLs in Essentiale Extreme have better effects than those which are naturally found in our cells due to their higher concentration of essential fatty acids 9.

Need any more convincing to make Essentiale Extreme part of your daily health regimen? Probably not.

Alta Janse van Rensburg, Essentiale Extreme’s key opinion leader, quotes motivational speaker Jim Rohn to remind us: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”