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The 5 Known Causes Of Liver Disease

As one of the most hard-working organs in our body,1a a damaged liver can cause health problems if it’s not working properly. We explain the main causes of liver damage, and how a dietary supplement can help.

We know that the liver is the engine room of our bodies, helping us, among many other duties, to digest food and get rid of toxins. When it’s not in tip-top working order, it can trigger a host of health problems. 1b

The challenge is that liver disease doesn’t usually show any obvious signs or symptoms until the liver damage is already advanced. 1c Acute liver failure can develop quickly in an otherwise healthy person, and can be life-threatening. 2

Did you also know, for example, that certain liver diseases can be inherited? 3a Consult with your doctor if someone in your family has an inherited liver disease, and if you think you may be at risk.

Over time, damage to the liver results in scarring, commonly known as cirrhosis of the liver. This can lead to life-threatening liver failure. 3b

Here are some of the common causes of liver damage:
  1. We often, rightfully so, associate a fatty liver with too much alcohol consumption4. Overtime excessive alcohol consumption leads to fat accumulating in our liver, which causes the liver to enlarge.4 pg 5 a This is a known as alcohol-induced liver damage and may lead to liver cirrhosis.
  2. Drug-induced liver injury is also common, as many medications may potentially cause liver damage.5pg
  3. Hepatitis is inflammation (swelling) of the liver caused by a viral infection, medication or exposure to harmful substances.6 The Hepatitis B virus, which is most commonly spread by blood, semen and other body fluids, can be prevented via vaccination 6pg1b/ cpg2. The best way to prevent Hepatitis C, meanwhile, is by avoiding behaviour that can spread the disease, such as sharing needle or syringes or exposure to infected blood and blood products. 7a
  4. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is also a condition causing a variety of liver problems. While it resembles alcohol-induced liver damage, NAFLD can affect people who don’t consume alcohol. 8 a pg 977
  5. Obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome are major factors leading to the development of NAFLD. Preventing and treating these conditions is the first step in the management of NAFLD. 8b pg 980

A healthy liver is key to overall wellness. Supplementation is crucial as our typical Western diet doesn’t always contain all the essential elements we need to keep our livers working optimally. 9 pg 13a.

For a healthy and normal functioning liver, we need to replace essential phospholipids (EPLs). 10 a pg3/b pg10 These are building blocks of all cell membranes, including liver cells, and are crucial to normal cellular function.

Essentiale Extreme, which contains 300 mg of EPLs per capsule, accelerates liver cell membrane regeneration and stabilisation to help support liver functionPI — just what you need to keep your engine running.

Start looking after your liver health today!

“Essentiale Extreme is not intended to treat or cure liver disease and should be used in conjunction with lifestyle modification and health care professional consultation when necessary.”